I take women from "exhausted burnt out mess", to balanced and invigorated. You deserve to feel good, receive great care and meet your forever cheerleader. 
Dr. Tiffany Dzugan, ND

About Dr. Tiffany Dzugan, ND

Dr. Tiffany Dzugan, ND
Dr. Tiffany Dzugan, ND
Dr. Tiffany Dzugan, ND

Tiffany graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine first in her class. She received several awards throughout her year of internship including the Governors' Award of Excellence, the Joyce Vanderburgh Scholarship for Outstanding Clinical Performance, the Advanced Orthomolecular Research Scholarship, the Alpha Science Award for Excellence in Botanical Medicine and the Schad Foundation Scholarship.

As an expert in exercise as medicine and lifestyle change and a previously highly competitive young female athlete, I aspire to empower young women to channel their potential and practice a healthy lifestyle to be successful. 

I am passionate about helping women of all ages with all goals, including those related to reproductive health and weight loss. My passions also include working with young, female artistic athletes to maximize their training benefits with the application of forward thinking naturopathic sports medicine and diet paradigms. 

Dr. Tiffany Dzugan, ND Empowered Wellness


Natural Medicine

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The greatest wealth is health...Invest in yourself


My goal is to educate you with the latest health information and research , so you can make informed decisions about your health

We are constantly bombarded with information from many outlets, and it can be difficult to determine whether the information should be trusted. A visit with me can help to clear up foggy details about why things may or may not be right for you.


I will involve you in the treatment process! It is important that we have a say in the steps we take toward better health, and its important to understand our decisions. I promise to commit as much time to you as necessary for understanding and optimal outcomes.

Healthy Green Smoothies

detox program

If you're interested in flushing out your body, losing some of your extra weight, decreasing your bloating and boosting your energy, this 7-day program could be a great start!

This is a group program with many levels of support to foster the BEST POSSIBLE results!


PMS, Menopause and everything in between

Women's health is the bread and butter of Dr. Tiffany's clinical practice. She works with women to empower them and give them the tools to look and feel amazing!



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Healing Touch Natural Wellness
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Where should you start?

Let's tailor your treatment to fit you!

Naturopathic medicine encompasses many modalities which can be selected and combined to best suit your individual goals. Together, we will assess those needs and goals and formulate an individualized plan to get you feeling your best and maintain optimal health.

Read ahead to learn more about the treatments I can use to help you!


Nutrition and Lifestyle Recommendations

Finding a lifestyle and way of nourishing yourself that is best suited to you

Physical Medicine

Physical Medicine

Physical medicine can include chiropractic manipulation of joints, exercise and stretching recommendations, massage and application of therapeutic modalities such as laser or ultrasound



The use of energetics of substances to cause changes in your body

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Includes acupuncture, the use of herbal formulas and cupping

Botanical Medicine, Herbal Medicine


Customizing herbal blends to suit any need



Home or in-office recommendations using water as therapy

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