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Facial Rejuvenation Program

Dr. Dzugan uses a combination of techniques and treatment modalities to improve the overall impression of the skin.


 Acupuncture is the basis of this program. Other treatments included in the program are facial massage, gua sha and jade rolling. They are performed surrounding the acupuncture within the visit and home care strategies are discussed to increase the benefits seen with the in-session care. Also included in the facial rejuvenation program is a set of skin care tools to be used at home and within the visit. 

The program begins with hourly sessions, twice a week for 5 weeks, at which point the frequency of the sessions decreases. Following this initial program is a maintenance treatment once a month. 

Cost of the program: $160 per session. This price includes all materials and the skin care set you get to take home. *New patients will be required to start with an Initial Facial Acupuncture Visit which is 90 mins and will include your first facial acupuncture treatment*

Inquire for details, and begin your first steps towards healthier and more beautiful looking skin!

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