7 Day Detox Program

Looking to shed those extra pounds that have been hanging around seemingly forever?

Looking for more energy so you can actually get through your day without feeling exhausted?

Looking to finally get rid of that constant bloat?!

This program is for you!
You can do ANYTHING for 7 days, right?!

The program includes:

-nutritional advice

-exercise videos

-supplements to support your body's natural detox and energy production


-Vitamin B12 injections 

-access to an exclusive Facebook group

-constant communication with Dr. Tiffany throughout the 7 days 

I promise...you will NOT feel hungry! Eat as much as you want, within my nutritional parameters - meal plan options and grocery list provided!

7 minute daily workouts suggested for those of you who don't know where to start or don't have tons of time to dedicate to exercise!

My ultimate goal is to make this do-able and accessible!

Now, the specifics:

The Beta group will be the exclusive, time-limited offer price of $75 for the detox package (supplements, protein, exercise videos, meal options, Facebook access, daily communication etc)

There will be a pre-detox visit, and post-program visit where we discuss specifics, take your measurements and do the B12 injection, for those who want it. These visits can be covered by your insurance!

Participants of the Beta group will be asked for their feedback throughout and after the program. 

**offer only available to current patients**

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