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Dr. Tiffany Dzugan, ND

A Little Bit More About Me

Tiffany graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine first in her class. She received several awards throughout her year of internship including the Governors' Award of Excellence, the Joyce Vanderburgh Scholarship for Outstanding Clinical Performance, the Advanced Orthomolecular Research Scholarship, the Alpha Science Award for Excellence in Botanical Medicine and the Schad Foundation Scholarship. During her time at the college she was actively involved in the academic program as a TA for several courses including botanical medicine and advanced nutrition. Tiffany was an active member of the Pediatrics Club as the workshop co-ordinator. In this role she developed a program of presenters to help her student community further their knowledge about pediatric care. Prior to CCNM, Tiffany attended McMaster University where she completed an Honours Science Bachelor of Kinesiology Degree. With this, she became a Registered Kinesiologist in the inactive class, and was a CSEP certified personal trainer. Her breadth of knowledge about exercise as medicine and lifestyle intervention greatly influences her practice today. 


As an expert in exercise as medicine and lifestyle change and a previously highly competitive young female athlete, I aspire to empower young women to channel their potential and practice a healthy lifestyle to be successful. 

My goal as a practitioner is to work with my patients to make sustainable and realistic adaptations to help them look and feel amazing. What do I do best? Pain management, weight management, sports medicine and women's health! I welcome any and all concerns in my practice - it keeps life interesting!

I am passionate about helping women of all ages with all goals, including those related to reproductive health and weight loss. My passions also include working with young, female artistic athletes to maximize their training benefits with the application of forward thinking naturopathic sports medicine and diet paradigms.


Dr. Tiffany Dzugan, ND is is good standing with the OAND and CAND and has completed certifications in Functional Neuromuscular Acupuncture, Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. 

In her spare time, Tiffany enjoys kayaking, running, crocheting, jet skiing and nature walks at the cottage. She also enjoys volunteering at community sporting events and has been a part of the medical team for several, including trail runs, marathons, beach volleyball tournaments and dragon boat competitions. 

About Me!: Welcome
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